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The Leadership & Innovation Group Reading List

by Kristin R. Lindsey, Intersector Consulting

Other resources, things to read

The Marshall Goldsmith Library - a free, web-based repository of writings and presentations by Marshall Goldsmith, a leading thinker, writer and coach on topics of leadership, change, leading people, and organizational culture. Definitely on my top 10 list of great, practical and easy to read wisdom.

Leader to Leader – part of the Leader to Leader Institute website (used to be called the Peter Drucker Foundation). A great resource on leadership across the board, also top 10 list of greats. Many articles above are from this resource.

Center for Advanced Research – a great and wide ranging website with articles on leadership, innovation, board/staff dynamics, change and more. Some very research-y, others are quick and great reads.

Great stuff also in the Jim Collins site – I think the laboratory is useful – groups readings, questions, worksheets around key topics.

Support Them. Pay Them. Develop Them. Don’t Drive Them Crazy. These are the challenges and issues highlighted in the important and interesting study released on nonprofit executives by CompassPoint and the Meyer Foundation. Check out “Daring to Lead 2006.”

Business Week – Chris likes this one

Fast Company – Kristin can’t live without it

Working Knowledge is a free resource, mostly excerpts of Harvard Business Review and Harvard published works covering a wide of topics including leadership, strategy and innovation

I also really like Seth Godin. He and a bunch of other big thinkers have published a book called The Big Moo (so, he previously wrote The Purple Cow, hence the moo.) Just bought it (all proceeds to charity by the way) so I’ll let you know!

What are you reading??  Share innovation and leadership focused books, articles, reports, websites, etc. with us!!

The Leadership & Innovation Group Reading List:

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