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The Leadership & Innovation Group Reading List

by Kristin R. Lindsey, Intersector Consulting

Leadership - General

What’s essential? What can a leader never delegate? What does a leader owe his followers? Max DePree, longtime chairman of Herman Miller offers his insights in a Leader to Leader interview.

Building partnerships inside and outside of the organization was one of the essentials identified on our leadership job description. What does it mean to partner with your staff? Colleagues? Clients/customers? Competition? While the article speaks to business leaders, the findings are certainly applicable to all organizations. Building Partnerships by Marshall Goldsmith.

High Impact Leadership: 24 essential characteristics. Here’s a nifty list with lots of parallels to our job description, authored by Mark Sanborn.

Why leaders fail? What are the signs? This is a nice, short article with 6 clear compelling warning signs of leadership going off track, also by Sanborn.

Level 5 leadership” is a concept coined by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great and Built to Last. At this level, the leader balances ego, ambition, humility, will and legacy for the good of the organization. More about level 5 (and levels 1-4) in a section of Collins’ on–line laboratory.

A leader has the dual responsibility of vision + execution, or as David Allen’s article puts it “Making It Up and Making It Happen.” Excellent article from the Leader to Leader website.

“The exercise of leadership is inversely proportional to the exercise of power,” writes Jim Collins, author of the best selling “Good to Great.” In this essay, he talks about the organization of the future and why partnerships and connections bounded by values will matter more than walls and hierarchy. “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down” is available on Jim Collins’ website.

The biggest responsibilities of all: clarifying the organization’s vision and values. More from Jim Collins on sorting out the difference between a vision, value, strategy, tactic and the ubiquitous BHAG.

Authentic Leadership – or on being yourself and being a leader at the same time. That’s to topic covered by Bill George.

“Tempered radicals” is a term that Debra Myerson came up with to describe everyday leaders – those at the top and not, who use gestures big and small to challenge the culture of their organizations, remain true to their personal beliefs and inspire change. “Everyday Leaders: The Power of Difference” .

Small “l” leadership behaviors – because sometimes it’s the smallest things – how you run meetings, invite discussion, inquire, use language – that matter most. A brief paper by the Center for Applied Research.

Robert Greenleaf gave a powerful name to a powerful concept: Servant – Leadership. What does it mean and what does a servant leader do exactly? Larry Spears, who heads the Center for Servant Leadership answers this question in a piece published by the Leader to Leader Institute.

What are you reading??  Share innovation and leadership focused books, articles, reports, websites, etc. with us!!

The Leadership & Innovation Group Reading List:

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