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The Leadership & Innovation Group Reading List

by Kristin R. Lindsey, Intersector Consulting

Changing as a Leader

Ask. Learn. Follow-up. Grow. These are four steps to authentically solicit, hear, integrate and use the feedback of those around you to become a better leader, and the title of a Marshall Goldsmith article.

This issue is covered in more detail in another article “Leadership is a Contact Sport

What does it mean to change your behavior to become a better leader? What are some of the core beliefs of leaders that translate into behaviors? These are some of the questions examined in Marshall Goldsmith’s article: Helping Successful People Get Even Better.

How to strategically adjust your decision-making style – as you grow in experience and authority – is profiled in this Harvard Business School “Working Knowledge” excerpt by Kenneth R. Brousseau, Michael J. Driver, Gary Hourihan, and Rikard Larsson.

What are you reading??  Share innovation and leadership focused books, articles, reports, websites, etc. with us!!

The Leadership & Innovation Group Reading List:

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