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2005-2006 Sisters

Jori Daniels is a European/Native American junior at Resurrection High School. "I am 16 years old and I enjoy spending time with my friends, running, and ice skating. This is my third year in SES."

Kayla Friedman, 15 years old, is a sophomore at Francis Parker High School. This is her second year in SES. Kayla enjoys drawing and playing field hockey.

Bianca Girven is African-American, 15 years old, and a sophomore at Lincoln Park High School. "I'm from 95th Longwood/Beverly Woods. I like swimming, tennis, shopping, writing, and dancing." This is her first year in SES.

Alex M. Hardin is African-American and from the south side of Chicago. "I go to Jones College Prep and enjoy dance, writing, shopping, math, and philanthropy." This is her second year in SES.

Tia Johnson "I attend The Young Women's Leadership Charter School of Chicago and am one of the new members of SES. I go to St. James AME church where I'm a member of the youth choir and The Young Peoples Division of The Women's Missionary Society (YPD). At school I'm in (S.T.A.N.D U.P), sister together and naturally diverse united through peace, student government, track, soccer, and Kuumba Lynx II. I enjoy singing, psychology, history and music to the fullest. I want to end with this quote of mine: 'If the mind is healthy, the body will follow.'"  

Kristin Loos is 18 years old and a freshman at the College of DuPage. Kristin has a multiracial background (Mexican, African-American, Italian, and German), and this is her first year in SES.  "My hobbies are singing, painting, writing, reading, and playing basketball. I'm interested in art, sociology, and poetry, and my all-time dream job is to be a senator.”

Elacsha Madison is 18 years old and a senior at Curie High School. “I love speaking up for anyone’s rights if they won’t, especially girls. I feel like we have a strong voice but most of the time it doesn’t get heard because of various reasons. I am president of the senior class, captain of the cheerleading team, president of a club called Teen Talk, a student council representative, honor student, and girl activist. I’m also in Who’s Who, am part of a leadership class called Forefront, a Best Buy employee and I speak at the team summit in Chicago. Now I am very proud to call myself an SES member. On my down time, I write my thoughts, stories, pictures and poetry on my walls in my room. I lay back in pajamas and watch cartoons, or I kick it with my girls that I feel more are my sisters. My goal is to change the way society views teens and especially teen girls. I want to make a difference, even if that means making the right choice and being on your own. I want people to know that it’s ok to be different. The only way to be true is to be you. The world is full of followers and that’s why I choose to be a leader.”

Aris Montgomery is an African-American junior at Thornwood High School. "This is my second year in SES. I live in the south suburbs and like dancing, having fun, and shopping. I'm interested in forensic science and nails."

Andie Peirce is a 16-year-old junior at Glen Ellyn High School. "I love singing in the Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus, and I participate in Theatre Club, Socialist Club, and Prism Club (a club for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students and straight allies). I am working hard at school and dealing with dyslexia."

Nicole Pettis is a 17-year-old African-American senior at Von Steuben High School. This is her first year in SES. "My hobbies include reading and writing."

Paola Piers-Torres is a 16-year-old sophomore at Francis W. Parker School. "This is my second year in SES. I have an older sister who is 19 and attends Brown University. My hobbies include soccer, tennis, basketball, dance, and hanging out with my friends. I haven't only lived in the United States: in 1997, I lived in Spain for a semester. The experience helped me view many different cultural styles."

Past Sisters
Sam Affram
Happiness Akpan
Jenny Arteaga
Sabuwra Baty
Wisdom Baty
Deanne Bauer
Sonja Bugvilionis
Diana Burnett
Maria Cuenca
Jamie Daniels
Taylor Davis
Ayo Fawole
Eleanor Fort
Samantha Helgerson
Ariel Herman
Sadie Horan
Arin Lawrence
Alexandra Lozoya
Maria Manriquez
Alice Mathias
Jenni Mayer
Sonja Mixon
Thanh Nguyen
Valentina Pacheco
Alejandra Piers-Torres
Kristina Reis
Alexandra Reyes
Cris Sainati
Agnes Stachurska
Ashten Stewart
Nina Taylor


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