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SES field trips

Creating change in other places

Sisters Empowering Sisters doesn't just hang in Chicagoland! Occasionally we have opportunities to engage in other sorts of change and connect with folks in different places. 

In April 2004, five Sisters attended the March for Women's Lives in Washington, DC, where we joined thousands of folks of all genders and ages to support women's rights to be informed and make decisions over our own reproductive health.

Some quotes from Sisters who attended the March:

"I was most proud of myself when I went to the March. It was great to see so many different types of people. And to know that there were many more of us than the pro-lifers."

"The most exciting thing that happened this year was definitely going to DC. The trip was an adventure!"

SES Out and About

There are also times that we connect with other local feminist resources.

In October 2004, the Sisters took a trip to Thousand Waves Martial Arts Studio, a feminist martial arts studio where the majority of both students and instructors being female. Looking at self-defense as more than just "keeping safe" and more about empowerment and finding a voice, Thousand Waves has existed in Chicago for quite some time. The Sisters had the opportunity to take a basic self-defense course as well as interact with youth who had been taking courses for some time and clearly demonstrated expertise. Visiting Thousand Waves and other community-based agencies like it is one more way that SES keeps grounded in community involvement and local change.

Comments from ayo:
“Every day I see myself morphing into a woman of strength, individuality, and independence. Society changes also, so much that I have to shield myself from it. A woman needs to be able to protect herself, because the men would not always be there, and a woman does not necessarily need a man.

This is the reason that I was very excited when the girls of Sisters Empowering Sisters attended a self-defense class in the fall of 2004. It was a good experience because it us a chance to discover our inner strengths and understand our capabilities. It was not just a learn-how-to-defend-yourself class for me; it was more like learn-how-to-believe-in-yourself class.”


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