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Sex Education Information Sites for Teens

Starred links are personal favorites, usually with good web design, strong sex-positive attitude, and youth-friendly information.

Devoted to Sexuality Education

It’s Your (Sex) Life

This site is divided into three sections, Pregnancy and Contraception, STI’s and AIDS, and Communication.  Informative but not extremely detailed or fun.

*Just Say Yes!

Coalition for Positive Sexuality

This online pamphlet (Just Say Yes!) includes a funny condom demo animation, glossary, myths and reality, safer sex guides and suggestions, and great sex-affirming information.

My Sistahs

A site “for and by young women of color”, My Sistahs has health info and a lot of peer educators who you can email your questions.


Visually interesting, with a chatty style and tons of articles, advice columns, discussions, this site presents a lot of information in a fun, friendly way.  It treats teens as intelligent decision makers, is sex positive, advocates safer sex, focuses on pleasure, and includes topics beyond basic sex ed like body image, sexual politics, GLBT info, and crisis help.  The site also includes a great open letter to parents/adults about why sex ed is SO important for teens.


Lots of articles and advice written by teens for teens.  SexETC has colorful design and humorous attitude.


This site run by Planned Parenthood has a great warehouse of information articles sorted by topic and depth of information.  It also has a small section in Spanish (Preguntas…scroll down to the bottom then click on the En Español link).  The rest of the site includes an Ask the Experts section, games and quizzes, and links.

Advice Sites (email in questions, search other questions)

Ask Beth

Well written, clear answers to  questions.  However, it’s hard to find an answer to a specific question because of the organization system.

*Go Ask Alice

Alice is funny and informative and includes questions and answers on all sorts of health beyond sexual and relationship health.  Each question is subcategorized and usually has a title that helps the users find what they are looking for.

San Francisco Sex Information

The online component of a hotline, this site has answers to frequently asked questions as well as info on how to talk to a person about your sex and sexual health concerns.  Look under the Learn More section and click on Browse Frequently Asked Questions.  Includes some how-to info that always includes a safer sex step. 

General Girl’s Sites That Include Sex Ed Section

Girls, Inc.

The Strong Girls section includes basic info on sexual health, and the rest of the site has interesting articles and activities.


Colorful and bright website with tons of sections.  It is by the creator’s of one of my favorite sex ed books, Deal With It!, and is informal and includes games, advice, community, quizzes, and resources about sex ed and other gURL friendly topics like school, family, health, “sucky emotions”, and more.


A girls’ health website.  In addition to talking about sexual and mental health, this site has ideas for healthy food, fun activities, and natural health.

Just the Facts: Information on Contraception and STI’s

The Center for Young Women’s Health (Children’s Hospital Boston)

(en Español)

This site has fact sheets and general information on all aspects of teenage girls’ health.  Look in all sections, especially  Sexuality and Sexual Health, General Health and Development, and Gynecology and Reproductive Health for sex education topics.

Feminist Women’s Health Center

(en Español, includes information on Contraception, Abortion, and extensive Links to activist as well as information sites)

Check out the Teen, Women’s Health, Abortion, and Birth Control sections for information, links, and articles.

Planned Parenthood Health Info

Lots of information.  The Teen Issues (it goes way beyond anatomy into emotional and relationship skills) and En Español (look at the Para Jóvenes section) sections are excellent.  The site will also help you find a Planned Parenthood clinic near you.

Exclusive resources for GBF grantees

If you are interested in being invited to any of the following, tell us.

Youth Worker Exchanges
GBF hosts periodic discussions on topics that cut across many girls programs.

Learning Circles
Small, focused, professionally facilitated peer groups that meet regularly over seven months, to solve work-related organizational, management, and conceptual issues.

Training & Consultation on Evaluation and Research
Girls programs find the training we offer a great way to learn and carry out girl-friendly investigation and evaluation. GBF offers one or two groups trainings a year, and also underwrites training and consultation.
Read more about our research and evaluation

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