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Guide to Resources in the Chicago Area

Health Services

Chicago Women’s Health Center

Near Wrigley Field, this health center offers a feminist approach to health care.  It provides family planning, emergency contraception, STI testing, gynecological exams, counseling, and more.   773.935.6126.

Crisis Centers

Find a center near you to get immediate help or counseling about rape, assault, abuse, or incest.

Department of Public Health Community Health Centers

Description of Services


Run by the Chicago Dept. of Health these clinics provide family planning, testing, education, and counseling services.  There are 7 locations that provide family planning: Englewood, Lower West Side, Roseland, South Chicago, South Lawndale, Uptown, and West Town (services vary at different locations, call or check online if you are looking for something specialized).

Howard Brown Health Center

Two clinics on the North Side focus on the GLBT community to provide health and wellness services. No emergency contraception. Payment on a sliding scale.  773.388.1600.

Index of HIV/AIDS Focused Health Centers

All clinics have an address and phone number, most have a description of services.  Many are free or have a sliding scale, several are bilingual in English and Spanish.  Most focus on HIV/AIDS but many have STI testing and counseling as well.

Planned Parenthood Chicago

Click on the Get Services link or Health Center Location to find one of the 7 PP clinics nearest you.  All centers offer gynecological exams, birth control, counseling, STI and HIV testing.  Emergency contraception (morning-after pill) is available at all clinics and through a special program online or over the telephone. Near North is the only center that offers abortions.  You can make arrangements for payment when scheduling appointments. 


About Face Youth Theatre

AFYT’s educational outreach program presents fantastic, informative, stereotype-defying theatre.  Focused on experiences of GLBT youth, their show is a great peer education tool.  Contact Brian Goodman, 773.784.8565 ext 104 to book a performance or diversity education workshop.

Chicago Red Cross HIV/AIDS Classes (Get Educated)

The Red Cross will do an HIV/AIDS class at your group. Contact Cari Poldolski at 312.729.6174 or  Classes are free.

Chicago Women’s Health Center

The health center also provides outreach education programs on a one time or ongoing basis.  CWHC has experience working with girls in detention.  Payment is on a sliding scale.  Topics include: Fertility Awareness, The Menstrual Cycle, Birth Control, Sexually Transmitted Diseases,  Demystifying the Gynecological Exam, Menopause,  Relationships, and Sexuality.  773.935.6126.

Howard Brown Health Center

The Speakers Bureau is made up of young people who will go anywhere in Chicago to tell their stories and educate their peers.  Most of the Bureau right now is focused on HIV+ youth telling their stories; there are also some peer educators who will talk about prevention.  Contact Joe Hollendoner at 773.572.6983 or

Planned Parenthood Chicago Community Outreach

Planned Parenthood can present one-time or ongoing sessions either to youth or to train professionals.  These experts present in CPS to 7th and 9th graders and will present to your program.  Youth workshop topics include Contraception, Decision-Making, HIV/AIDS, STI’s, Parenting, and more.  PPCA will tailor a program to your needs and will work to develop a program with you if you have a specific goal, population, or approach in mind.  Workshops during business hours cost $75, evenings and Sat. $100, and Sun. $125 per hour.  On-going and large group program rates may be less—discuss with PPCA while designing your program.  For details, contact the Education Department, Rebecca Holbrook, at 312.592.6800.


Exclusive resources for GBF grantees

If you are interested in being invited to any of the following, tell us.

Youth Worker Exchanges
GBF hosts periodic discussions on topics that cut across many girls programs.

Learning Circles
Small, focused, professionally facilitated peer groups that meet regularly over seven months, to solve work-related organizational, management, and conceptual issues.

Training & Consultation on Evaluation and Research
Girls programs find the training we offer a great way to learn and carry out girl-friendly investigation and evaluation. GBF offers one or two groups trainings a year, and also underwrites training and consultation.
Read more about our research and evaluation

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