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Girl's Best Friend Foundation (GBF) closed November 2007. 
GBF’s records are archived with Special Collections of the University
of Illinois, Chicago.  In fall 2008, they will be made public:

Former Board and Staff Members

We wish to thank the women who provided guidance and support over the years.

Former Board Members

Cynthia K. McLachlanCyndie McLachlan (1940-2005) created Girl’s Best Friend Foundation (GBF) in 1994 with an expansive vision for fueling the power, well being, and self determination of girls and young women. She made it possible for GBF to support feminist social change organizations with millions in grants, and many supplemental training and peer education opportunities. Girls, young women, and youth have had extraordinary encouragement to make their voices and activism respected and powerful, as a result of Cyndie’s generosity.

In addition to contributing money, Cyndie was vitally involved in every aspect of GBF’s work and development. As a guiding force, she regularly urged her sister board members and staff to think big, be bold, and take risks with and for girls. She cherished girls’ curiosity, imagination, and insights. She admired the adults who help youth move from individual development to changing their communities for the better. We offer our comfort to her family. We will miss Cyndie greatly.

Mariela G. Alburges, 2004 - 2007

Mary Scott Boria, 1999 - 2002
Alice Cottingham, 2000 - 2002
Jackie Lynn Coleman, 2004 - 2006
Marcia Festen, 1999 - 2002
Cheryl Graves, 1996 - 2001, 2003 - 2004
Linda Hannah, 1999 - 2004
Berta Hinojosa, 1996 - 2000
Nancy Jackson, 1996 - 2000
Christina Kappaz, 2002 - 2004
Lesley Kennedy, 2002 - 2005
Jenny Knauss, 1996 - 2001, 2003
Devin McLachlan, 1998
Cyndie McLachlan, 1996 - 2005
Kate McLachlan, 1996 - 1998, 2003 - current
Mona Noriega, 2000 - 2004
Michele Pérez, 2003
Amy Serpe, 1999 - 2002
Nancy Tartt, 1998 - 1999
Cecilia Vaisman, 1999 - 2002
Plashan Waits-McCune, 2000 - 2002
Joan Walls, 1997
Charisse Williams, 1996

Former Staff Members

Yasmin Ahmed

Betsy Brill, founding advisor and executive director
Moréniké Cheatom Basurto, founding director of Sisters Empowering Sistersformer SES Director, Nike   (photo to the right)
Sandy Cotter
Stephanie Craine
Robin Dixon

Yamani Hernandez
Josephine Herrera
Natasza Kozaczynski
Megan Macaraeg
Scott Sacco
Julie Walther

Maureen Wissman
Karen Zeitlin


Former Interns

Mokerah Bradley
Rayna Brown
Sonja Bugvilionis
Sheila Chavda
Sarah Cohodes

Ariel Herman
Rebecca Klay
Heather Rosenwinckle
Naureen Shah
Abbe Shapiro

Sonja Bugvilionis,

2005 summer intern, meets a Costa Rican horse

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