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Girl's Best Friend Foundation (GBF) closed November 2007. 
GBF’s records are archived with Special Collections of the University
of Illinois, Chicago.  In fall 2008, they will be made public:

Focusing questions

To periodically reflect to yourself or to describe to others where your program has been, how it's working, what you have learned, and where the program is going, try answering these focusing questions:

  • Briefly describe your program today, and make a short list of what you and girls hope girls will get from participating in it. (Consider asking the girls to make a list too.)
  • How did your program plans for the past year/six months play out? What successes, challenges, unanticipated opportunities, and/or crises did you encounter, and what impact did they have on the program?
  • Over the past year, what changes have you and/or the girls made in the program, why did you make the changes, and how have the changes helped strengthen the program?
  • In terms that make sense to you, what signs or evidence do you see that the girls are getting what you/they hoped from the program? What isn't working? (Consider asking girls to respond to this as well. Consider how you can incorporate their info to strengthen the program.)  See examples of tools to use to systematically track girls’ change.
  • What is your plan for moving forward to strengthen your work?


  • If you and/or the girls in the program have evaluated or investigated the program or a question in the past year:
    • What did you all evaluate/investigate?
    • What did you and the girls learn?
    • How has or will the learning strengthen the program?
    • How does what was learned help girls meet their personal goals, as well as the program's?
  • What additional learning -- training, education, reading, peer discussion -- do I need to continue to develop my skills as a youth worker and program leader? Make a simple plan to fulfill your learning goals.

Share your information

Do you have a great example to share? Tell us.

Training & Consultation on Evaluation Research

Girls programs find the training we offer a great way to learn and carry out girl-friendly investigation and evaluation. GBF offers one or two groups trainings a year, and also underwrites training and consultation. If you are interested in being invited to any of following, tell us.

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